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Simply put, there is no room for hateful speech or racism. The justices of the United States Supreme Court, whether conservative or liberal, have consistently held that states can prohibit hateful and racist speech when it is meant to incite violence. The court has zero tolerance. Zero. Anti-Semitism in any form falls under these categories.

Anti-Semitism affects Jews directly; historically, it is the leading indicator of future oppression for all minorities.

If the hateful spewings of Linda Sarsour are tolerated, New Yorkers open the door to oppression of Jews, African Americans, the LGBTQ community and any other group that does not practice Sharia law. Linda Sarsour doesn’t believe women who are Zionists should have rights. She “would rather take their vaginas away.” Her reward for this hateful vitriol? An invitation to be the graduation speaker of the City University of New York Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy on June 1.

Thomas Lopez-Pierre, candidate for NYC Council in Harlem, also spews hate with fraudulent accusations against “greedy Jewish landlords” who, he says, are guilty of “ethnic cleansing” in his district. He screams these lies standing on the streets of New York City, asking voters to support his candidacy and his anti-Semitic, hateful views. What is his reward for this hateful vitriol? He is allowed to continue inciting hate against his opponent—who is Jewish.

In times like these, New Yorkers need a true leader, not a mayor who grants hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to groups that support hate, anti-Semitism and ignorance. De Blasio has remained silent on these issues. Why hasn’t he told taxpayer-supported CUNY to rescind Sarsour’s invitation? Why hasn’t he demanded that Lopez-Pierre be prohibited from running for office? How can de Blasio call himself a Progressive liberal if he actively ignores Sarsour’s attacks against the rights of Jewish New Yorkers and women?

New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney got it right when she said, “Couldn’t CUNY do better?”

NYC Councilman David Greenfield added, “At a time when anti-Semitism in New York City is up over 200 percent, we should be using our taxpayer-funded institutions to unite our city, not further divide it.”

Why haven’t others stood up against this hate?

De Blasio’s silence is indicative of a man with no backbone. Today he ignores anti-Semitism, hijacking our collective morality. If he becomes emboldened by “getting away with it” today, what might he do tomorrow?

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