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Letter to the Editor

July 17, 2017/23 Tammuz, 5777

While the North American Board of Rabbis is a national organization whose membership comes from the diverse streams of Jewish life, we raise a united voice to express our deep concern about the so-called blacklist of rabbis recently circulated through the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. We join with all persons of goodwill in the deep conviction that “for Zion’s sake, we must not be silent.”

In the shadow of the 50th anniversary of Israel’s remarkable victory in the Six-Day War, the blacklist may well be a self-inflicted wound causing a profound rupture between Diaspora Jewry and the people and state of Israel. Furthermore, it compromises the security of world Jewry by weakening the resolve of Jews everywhere who understand themselves as excluded by this list. At a time when we face external threats such as BDS, extremism, Holocaust denial, etc., this action by the Chief Rabbinate must not stand. We are a people of one faith and with one fate, and while some may say it will take a “miracle” to bring us together, we are a people who don’t simply believe in such events; we are a people who make miracles happen.

With that in mind, the North American Board of Rabbis is committed to make every effort to heal this rift. No gulf, however wide, will deter us from working on behalf of the people of Israel, the state of Israel and world Jewry. While we reject this most recent action by the Office of the Chief Rabbinate, we pledge to make every effort to heal the widening gap between Diaspora and Israeli Jewry. We call on people of goodwill to join with us in that effort.

For additional information, contact Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum, president of the North American Board of Rabbis (917-687-9640 or email or Rabbi Michael Zedek, a vice president (312-363-8008 or email

Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum

Temple Israel of Lawrence

140 Central Avenue

Lawrence, NY 11559

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