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By Maxine Dovere

NYJL sat down with Kalman Yeger, a candidate to replace David Greenfield on the City Council, to ask him about his candidacy. The following is a transcript edited for space and clarity.

NYJL: Why are you running for City Council?

KY: I have the great honor to run in a community that I love, that I have known for a long time. I’m going to work every single day for my community, for my neighborhood and for the people that I love. Being a city councilman is about spending every waking moment thinking about how can you make the lives of the people you serve better.

NYJL: What types of changes will the people of Council District 44 see if you are elected?

KY: The neighborhood will not see something that is that different from what they see now—the support of an elected official who adores going to work every day. I intend to be the representative of the entire community. It’s what I’ve done my whole life. I’ve worked on bringing people together in a very diverse community. If people are looking for a different style of government, they’re not necessarily going to find that. It’s about good government, about honor and integrity.

NYJL: You have 17 years of experience on your Community Board, working with elected officials from Latino, Caribbean and Jewish backgrounds. How will this help your candidacy?

KY: Bringing people together is the story of my life. If I have the opportunity to serve, I look forward to continuing to do so on the City Council.

NYJL: Do you see national or international affairs having an impact on your ability to protect and serve the diverse communities in CD 44?

KY: I’m going to channel Fiorello La Guardia. A council member’s job is to get the garbage picked up, and get it picked up on time. I’m not running for secretary general of the United Nations!

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