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by Michael Tobman, Publisher

Ordinarily, a personal relationship and friendship would preclude me from making an endorsement. But because Kalman Yeger is no ordinary candidate, and because our friendship has been based on relevant work in government, policy, and politics, I am comfortable sharing the following in no uncertain terms:

Kalman Yeger will make a superb City Councilman, and deserves your vote in next Tuesday’s election. If you live in the Brooklyn neighborhoods that make up the 44th city council district, you and your family should make a plan, now, when and where to cast your vote for him.

New York City, and especially Brooklyn, is really a small village. We may number in the millions, but when you start self-selecting into groups, you tend to see the same people again and again. Such is the case with Kalman and me. In 1995, he was the campaign coordinator for a Civil Court race in southern Brooklyn. The candidate, Esther Morgenstern, was the chief law clerk to a Supreme Court judge whose wife was then-Congressman Schumer’s district office director. The campaign manager, Lew Fidler, was a then-young(ish) lawyer and political guy who would become a City Councilman for twelve years. Kalman helped get that judicial campaign off the ground and running, and then went to work for a public official. I then took the position of campaign coordinator. Morgenstern won, and eventually became a Supreme Court judge herself.

Like I said, small world.

In the twenty-plus years since – through law school, positions in government, campaigns (sometimes against each other), supporting social service agencies, helping to organize faith communities throughout New York, as advocates for tuition paying families, and when advancing large economic development projects – I have come to know what drives Kalman, and what he can accomplish. Kalman has a bone deep attachment to public service, and he will be a leader in the City Council for the benefit of his district – first and foremost, for Brooklyn, and for all of New York City. He has the right priorities.

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